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Marble Maps - Find your way and explore the world on Android!

Update 1: Google Play still not has the newest version, but it is incomming in the following days
Update 2: There is an open beta version now, you can get it from here from Google Play.

Marble Maps has the following features:
  • Wondering around on the map
    • You can move the map with one finger by dragging the map with it
    • It will increase the zoom if you touch double times fast to the map
    • You can also zoom with two fingers (only supported on multitouch devices)
  • Handling your position
    • You can check your position on the map
    • You can check the distance and direction to your position when your position is not visible
    • You can center the view to your position
  • Routing
    • You can plan routes via interactive placemarks, you have to search for something and after that, you can use the result as a waypoint
    • Also, you can modify the route instead of the interactive waypoints with the route editor which is available from the menu

    • To get the routing instructions, visit the menu too
    • You can select from three routing profile: with car, with bike or as a pedestrian
  • Navigation
    • You can navigate on the route what you have planned previously, or you can also navigate to a single destination
    • Marble Maps shows your position on the route with a different icon
    • It provides turn-by-turn based navigation
    • It uses the Text To Speech interface of the Android system to provide voice instructions. To use it, please install it from Google Play
    • It shows the next instruction and its distance too
    • The current speed and the distance to the destination is also visible 

Some techincal background:
Marble's base source code in this summer has become Android compatible. If you want an Android app can be built on the top of it. Any map can be loaded in, and all of the projections are available. It supports some plugins too.

And finally my personal experience about the summer:
I liked to work on this project very much because I have learned a lot of new things, like coding technics, I have got closer to QML and I also have had a deeper insight on how Android applications work. It was also good to work with the people of the community. I would like to thank to everybody who helped me this summer, especially to Dennis Nienhüser and to Torsten Rahn. Without them Marbe on Android would be still a dream.

Thank you Google for this fantastic opportunity!

But the story is not end here, so stay tuned...


  1. This is so cool. Finally Marble Maps goes Android. Great work! :)

  2. This should be in the f-droid repository, too!

  3. It works well, it is my favorite Mapnik OSM viewer now. Search, movement and current location indicators all work well. My only gripes are that I don't see any of these advanced Placemarks, using Android 5.1 I don't see any options when I select a searched item, it just centers the map, long pressing doesn't expose any placemarks on the map as well. Second is my hardware android menu button doesn't do anything while the software menu button on the huge gray bar is the only way to get the menu. The Gray bar isn't needed if the android menu is used just pop the menu UI on the menu button press. Overall I enjoyed this app, am looking forward to see how this interesting app progresses on Android.

  4. Link on PlayStore does not work ( )

  5. Thank you for the feedbacks! Google Play still not has the newest version, but it is incoming in the following days. Also, the link is valid only if you are logged in with the same google account what you used to connect to the Marble community on Google+. And thanks again for the feedbacks!

  6. This app looks yummy yummy :-) waiting eagerly. I am not able to install it in my google play somehow. :-(

    On 24 august you last said that it is coming on google play (general release) "in few days". It is now 12 september, but it is still not on google play (general release). Please upload the latest version on google play or atleast on . If you want to hold on, then atleast release the app as "KDE Marble beta" on google play. Once it is final then it will be release as "KDE Marble". So beta tester will knowing install the beta releases. This was the approach followed by "Libreoffice viewer beta" app on google play.
    Anyway, but please release it as soon as possible, each day adiitional wait is too long for me. Kudos for your work. From the screenshots, seems one of the best useful open source apps for android .

  7. Sorry for not updating the post in time, I forgot it. Sorry again. Marble Maps has switched to an open beta (see:, the link for the app is:

    Because of some release decisions made by the admins of the project, some feature has not been included in to the open beta yet and the UI has been changed a little bit, but I am sure, the missing parts will arrive soon.

    And thank you again for your attention :) It is nice to hear about people who is interested in a project this much :) I hope you will like it.


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